Alfonsina Storni, (1892–1938)

Alfonsina Storni

    Me at the bottom of the sea 

    At the bottom of the sea
    there is a crystal house.
    it flows
    to an avenue
    of stony coral.

    Around five o’clock
    a great golden fish
    comes to greet me

    to me it brings a red
    bouquet of coral
    I sleep in a bed
    a little bit bluer
    than the sea.

    Through the crystal
    a squid
    winks at me.

    In the green wood
    that surrounds me
    "din, don," "din, dan" …
    sing and dance
    the blue-green sirens
    of mother-of-pearl.

    And over my head,
    burning in the sunset,
    the spiny bristles of the sea.